Republic of Consciousness

2018 Prize

In 2018 we awarded £12,500 to 6 shortlisted presses and authors, with £5000 going to Influx Press and Eley Williams for Attrib. and other stories.

It was the first year we received Arts Council funding to run the prize. We also joined forces with the Times Literary Supplement and the printers TJ International, as well as continuing our partnership with the University of Westminster.


Winner 2018

Influx Press for Attrib. and other stories by Eley Williams

In his review of the book in the LRB, Michael Hofmann called Attrib. the work of an “Alphabetophile”; these love letters to language are certainly that, but they are also the work of someone who dearly likes people too. Williams is a fantastic noticer, and she writes about how words and letters connect to people and objects. So many of these seventeen stories are small wondrous things, shots of linguistic pleasure that take moments of everyday life and fashion something marvellous from them.

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