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The Republic of Consciousness Podcast comes out about 3 times a month. It’ll be a bit different each time, but expect interviews, readings, and some regular features, such as our Book of the Month.

We are supported by the fabulous Contemporary Small Press project & The University of Westminster. Huge thanks to them.

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Republic of Consciousness Podcast #2: Milkman, Splice & Trieste

Join us for our November podcast, with Neil Griffiths, Catherine Taylor and Jonanthan McAloon, for chaotic/irreverent discussion about:

  • Reading Modiano in Trieste (here’s where you can find Young Once)

  • The overrated difficult of Milkman

  • A review of Nicholas John Turner’s Hang Him When He Is Not There, led by Eley ‘Republic of Consciousness Winner’ Williams (get it from Splice here)

  • Jonathan McAloon’s Small Press Book of the Month

James Tookey