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Next up: Minutes from the Miracle City by Omar Sabbagh (Fairlight Books)


Where There Are Monsters cover image.jpg

May 2019: where there are monsters by breanne mc ivor

(Peepal Tree Press)

from the publisher: In this powerfully engaging collection of short stories, Breanne Mc Ivor lifts the tropes and characters of Caribbean folklore and places them among the concrete, glass and heat of a hectic, recognizable, crime-ridden Trinidad.

These are not simply modern or modernised folktales, but beautifully crafted, fully formed contemporary stories by a hugely talented writer who uses them as narrative vehicles to address weighty questions about human nature and Trinidadian society.

MFMC Cover.jpg

june 2019: minutes from the miracle city by Omar sabbagh (Fairlight Books)

Hakim, a Pakistani taxi driver whizzing through the streets. Patrick, a Ugandan security guard with aspirations of becoming a writer. Farida, a Moroccan beautician hoping for a fresh start. Saeed, a respected Emirati journalist just back from London.

Taking place across the last few days of Ramadan, Minutes from the Miracle City is a unique retelling of the virtuoso project that is Dubai.

Sabbagh is the RK Narayan of our times.’  Christopher Jackson, poet and biographer’

Plastic emotions.jpg

JuLY 2019: Plastic Emotions by shiromi pinto (influx)

from the publisher: Plastic Emotions is inspired by the life of Minnette de Silva – a forgotten feminist icon and one of the most important figures of twentieth century architecture. 

In a gripping and lyrical story, Shiromi Pinto paints a complex picture of de Silva, charting her affair with infamous Swiss modernist Le Corbusier and her efforts to build an independent Sri Lanka that slowly heads towards political and social turmoil.

Moving between London, Chandigarh, Colombo, Paris, and Kandy, Plastic Emotions explores the life of a young, trailblazing South Asian woman at a time of great turbulence across the globe.