Republic of Consciousness: mission statement

The Republic of Consciousness is an expression of the affect of a particular kind of writing. Whilst I’m sure there are examples before Shakespeare, for our purposes the Shakespearean soliloquy might be regarded as the first explicit attempt to deliver us into the consciousness of another person, to take us from being mere witnesses to a character’s behaviour to participating in their lived experience. It is an act of phenomenological conjuring, which in slightly less technical parlance means the re-creation of a perceived world without any mediating voice. Of course there is a contradiction in this definition: the novel or play is an artefact, a work of fiction, and a long way from direct prehension of phenomena. And yet. There are writers whose work suggests that human consciousness beyond their own can be accessed, and through that the categorical unknowableness of others’ lived experience might be revealed. It is writing as a moral act. The Republic of Consciousness is here to support and celebrate this.

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  • Independent publishers have to steer a fine path between the prospects of sales against great literary fiction. However much we want to publish ‘good’ writing we always have an eye on those authors who will ‘stump’ for their book.
    It is noticeable that publishers will not print literary fiction in quantities that justify ‘best seller’ status until short listed for a prestigious prize.

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